Congratulations, You have just taken the first step to becoming a driver in your city, and we are now locating your site to finish your sign up to drive in your city.


Since we did not have your city to sign up with to reach this page, the sign up page is going to list our city default bonus of $50 to $200, but once you complete your sign up with your city to drive in, you will know your bonus and number of trips to complete for your bonus. 

You can apply to drive at the following link for Uber below. 




Remember you get a sign on bonus for driving for Uber. Each city has a different bonus amount. Complete your sign up and when you get your account approved just drive the number of trips uber gives you for your bonus. Most city trips to complete for your bonus is around 50 to 100 trips. After you recieve your bonus and you think driving for uber is not for you, then you can just delete your driver account. (And sign on bonus you can keep.) 

We have also sent your sign up links to your email address.

If you have not received your email, request email to be resent here.