**Due to COVID-19 situation, we are proactively encouraging new drivers to sign up for Uber and PostMates.  You can then choose to do rideshare fares or food deliveries. 

 Now Deliver With No Contact Drop Offs 


While your driving for Uber you can become a Postmate Driver delivering restaurant food orders and you could qualify for a promotion that guarantees you will make at least $150 for your first 20 local food deliveries PLUS TIPS....

For Limited Time New Drivers Get A Bonus For Signing Up*.... Sign up as a PostMates delivery driver or Uber and get a new driver bonus ... . 

Enter your name and email below to be on our your way to becoming a Uber & PostMates Driver . 

We are now having drivers sign up with PostMates to deliver local restaurant orders. These are NO CONTACT DELIVERIES. There are no vehicle requirements or inspections needed. These food order deliveries have increased so much that current drivers are reporting making more than driving for Uber at the current time. 

To get started with PostMates and Uber driver sign ups, submit your info below.





The sign up page above says bonus for our city (Peoria, IL.), but that is just set to default amount, You will receive your bonus amount for your city and number of trips needed once you have signed up... 

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